What Makes D’s Bees Honey Unique?

We are proud of the quality, taste and healthy qualities of D’s Bees honey. Here’s why:

Pure 100% Niagara honey

Our honey is made by our bees and bottled on premise – no additives, blending or mixing with other honeys, syrups or sugars.

The Sweet Flavours of Niagara

The taste of Ds Bees honey varies from year to year based on the weather and the flowers and their attractiveness to bees.  The Niagara region and its unique Carolinian forests offer a rich and varied source of natural nectar Typically our honey reflects a blend of: 
● Tree and shrub blossoms: maple, honey locust, wild cherry
● Fruit tree blossoms – cherry, apple, pears and more.
● White or alsike clover.
● Cultivated or wildflowers from nearby woods, fields and gardens.  
● Fall goldenrod and asters

Natural from Our Bees to Your Home

● We never heat or pasteurize our honey. We heat our honey house to warm the honey only to make it easier to bottle but never warmer than the temperature in the hive.
● We only coarsely filter our honey.  This removes the bits of comb but allows pollen grains to stay in the honey – important for those who find ingesting local pollen helps their allergies.
● When cold, our honey will naturally granulate or crystallize giving it a taffy-like consistency perfect for spreading on toast. (just warm it to return to liquid)

Goldenrod is an early autumn source of nectar and pollen

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Raw Local Ontario Honey

Available in 500g or 1kg jars, or 2.2kg pails.

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