March 10, 2013 16C Open, Check and Feed

19 Mar

It’s the first warm day of the year. Can’t resist checking hives and putting in some sugar syrup to stimulate recovery from winter This winter’s been cold and long. Winter is a bee marathon

Start by popping off the tops of the winter packing crates. Bees flying and happy.

So the first warm day with the sun shining we pop open the tops of the packing and check the hives. 5 out of 7 look strong with lots of bees on the top bars of the upper brood chamber. Two hives have bees in them but they’re not on the top bar of the upper brood chamber. I pop a frame and can see bees in the lower brood chamber so maybe they’ll be OK. Fed sugar syrup to stimulate build up. And as soon as the weather breaks again we’ll feed pollen patties.

Lots of bees in this hive.They've gotten this far in great shape.

This is a critical time for all beekeepers. We try to assess winter losses, predict which hives will build up successfully and plan on how we can recover by splitting or purchasing nucs.  Exciting times in the Niagara peninsula as our season is weeks ahead of other Ontario beekeepers to the north of us.

Feeding sugar syrup. There's a division board plastic feeder between the frames.This allows syrup to be placed next to the bees for warmth and easy access.

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